Rodney Presbyterian

Rodney Presbyterian

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Please donate so emergency structural work can begin.  Your help is needed today!

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Rodney Presbyterian History

In the year 1828, the Legislature of Mississippi granted a charter to that portion of Bethel Congregation worshipping in Rodney, Jefferson County, MS. Steps to erect the present brick church in Rodney were taken in 1829 with dedication on January 1, 1832.

The church is listed on the

 National Register of Historic Places:

Time moves on...

And so the years passed and the town of Rodney thrived and then died. By 1923 the church membership was down to approximately 16 members and paying their assigned pastor was no longer possible. From thence on services were held with visiting pastors and elders. The church was sold in the 1960's and received some renovations over the years. Over time the church fell into neglect. At this time it needs emergency structural support.

Rodney speaks to the inner soul of all that love the rich history that is Mississippi.


Rodney History & Preservation Society

November 1, 2018

Rodney Presbyterian Church SOLD!!!!

WE are The Owners!

It is with extreme excitement that we wish to announce we have obtained ownership of Rodney Presbyterian church. 

Appreciation to all that have supported and believed that Rodney Presbyterian is an important piece of history worthy of saving. Special appreciation to those that took that leap of faith to donate to Rodney History and Preservation Society as your donations made this possible.  It wasn’t easy to get to this point, we’ve had a couple of bumps in the road, but we are not looking back and are ready to move forward. Now the real work begins and it will take you!  We are a board of five but together with your help we can SAVE RODNEY PRESBYTERIAN!

WE need to start as soon as donated funds are available on the emergency structural support. The church is in danger of structural collapse at this time.  We will be sharing in the next few weeks other fundraising opportunities.

Some of you expressed a wish to donate AFTER we obtained the church. With this good news you can do that now by mailing a check: 


PO BOX 312 LORMAN, MS 39096

*You will receive a receipt and if you wish include your email to have the quarterly electronic version of The Rodney Telegraph.

**You can also donate via our website.