Video of Rodney April 2019

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Early History

Known as Petit Gulf during the eighteenth century, the settlement was claimed by France, Great Britain and Spain, respectively, and ultimately by the U.S. government after establishment of the Mississippi Territory 1798. 

The town of Rodney located in Jefferson County grew and prospered after 1830 as an important shipping point along the Mississippi River

Civil War

During the Civil War the U.S.S. Rattler patrolled at Rodney. In September, 1863, Union soldiers attending service at Rodney Presbyterian Church were taken captive by Confederate soldiers. The Rattler commenced firing on the church and town, . In 1864 the town was raided by the Union under the command of Maj. Gen. Napoleon J. T. Dana, Vicksburg District.

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More than The River

After the Civil War Rodney had a rapid decline in commerce and population. Brought on by the change of river course, a fire in 1869 which destroyed most of the northern district and railroad through Fayette during the 1880s which caused all cotton shipments to bypass Rodney.

*Rodney is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

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