Save Rodney Presbyterian

This video by Lykins Films shows the history, beauty, and importance of this Mississippi treasure in need of your donation so that structural support can begin to save this church. Please donate today. Click donate below on this page. Checks accepted.

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Did you know if we raise $31,000 we have a donor willing to match that?! We could begin on emergency structural support. Please donate. If every member donated we could be there. Special appreciation to our monthly donors! 

Safe and secure via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. You can via PayPal be one of our monthly contributors as well.  Click option to share email and you will receive an electronic version of the Rodney Telegraph starting in June 2018.  Electronic receipt will come to you via PayPal. 

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Preserving the Past

 Preserving Rodney History; accomplished by education, preservation and advocacy.  

NOTE: Rodney Presbyterian needs emergency structural support. Your help is needed now. Please donate.

Our History


We are a 501c3 nonprofit registered in Mississippi. Dedicated to fostering partnerships and educational opportunities that will enhance, preserve and promote the heritage of Rodney, Mississippi for today and future generations. 


Rodney History & Preservation Society

November 1, 2018

Rodney Presbyterian Church SOLD!!!!

WE are The Owners! 

WE need to start as soon as donated funds are available on the emergency structural support. Any potential governmental funds from what we have learned will be  9-12  months away. 

Some of you expressed a wish to donate AFTER we obtained the church. With this good news you can do that now by mailing a check: 


PO BOX 312 LORMAN, MS 39096

*You will receive a receipt and if you wish include your email to have the quarterly electronic version of The Rodney Telegraph.

**You can also donate via our website.